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See.. A Super-Sized Batch of Funny Pics and Memes to Make Your Weekend 2019

See.. A Super-Sized Batch of Funny Pics and Memes to Make Your Weekend 2019

Another week of dank memes have come and gone and the people of Reddit have spoken. Thousands of new memes have been shared and voted on with Joker memes and Chinese President Xi Jinping memes among the most shared. There were also tons of Google vs Bing memes and Gradient Face App memes on the list. Here are the top 30 dank memes from this week.

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isn t real it can t hurt you meme - Other people What's so funny? My brain Shalomander

halloween decoration ideas - We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty

do makeup meme - Alexandria Bishop I did my 6 year old nieces makeup...then let her do mine....

et dying - Need Books No Worries. Donate Plasma. Biomat Us Talecris Ph Resources Ge Earn $250 in your first 5 donations! grifolsplasma.com Reagan Students

blackboard - If You Boil A Funn Bone It Becomes A Laughing Stock.. Thats _ Humerus

insurance company wants a diagram - When the insurance company wants a diagram of the accident Pics & Gifs Traffic Collision Report

landlord meme heating - rfunny imgur 3huJohannReddit Landlord decided to turn down the heat today in my Mn apartment as it reached 40. But the idiot must have forgotten he pays my electric and doesn't realize that I value my comfort over safety or energy

fear a duck is watching you meme - Top Definition Anatidaephobia The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. Jimmy has anatidaephobia. by SPGLink it 2225 4 263 peace was never an option

xoloitzcuintli quetzal - Me before u know me vs Me everyday after u get to know me

pet - rden Pizza

lovebird ripeness chart - Lovebird Ripeness Chart Almost Ripe Unripe Getting Mushy Ready To Eat

sunset above the clouds

sky - rax king my proudest childhood memory is convincing my classmates that there was something called 'jewish thanks giving' which was just the desserts from thanksgiving plus presents from the jewish thanksgiving fairy. some of them cried and i wound u

soil in our life - Last week I planted this tree, and today when I checked I see this. Nature is truly incredible! twitteriols dogwood is really blooming this year

biologists are just a bunch of cells - Dove chocolate tastes way better than their soap

ford madox brown paintings - When mother calls you down to eat luncheon but lo she has once again played you for a fool, as the meal is not yet ready to be consumed, how could you have been so naive

after watching endgame memes - When your barber is bald but he actually gives you a good haircut marvel de I guide others to a treasure that I cannot possess


strength 18 dexterity 3 - When you have 99 strength but o dexterity

never travel with sandra bullock - Note to self never travel with Sandra Bullock. liz warren campaign updates But did she or did she not get to where she needed to be


$115 frozen pizza badger - D i'm not sure what kind of luck the $115 frozen pizza badger is supposed to bring but i'm not taking any chances rt Podigion Dno Ust To Ur Roni Pizza E

woman yelling at cat meme - Where Did The Cat Go? I'm too tired of this meme ok!

body jewelry - .We JustMeto. Repeat after me ''It's a guy's duty to pay the bill at the raustarant, that's why it's called 'Menu Deacon Tolu Or It's the responsibility of both parties that's why it's called Me'N'u

corey taylor - I Just Suplexed My Girlfriend Into My Bed And This Happened ustbtes

james charles and tati westbrook memes - Me starting to be financially stable Car problems

there when it was written kid meme - Hey Dad look at this cool s I can draw . Do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. I was there when it was written.

Paper towel - When I'm bored I go around putting these stickers on paper towel dispensers Voice Activated Say Loudly "Paper Towel Now! Tork Bus

akatsuki keanu - Monster Lol bless the person who did this

kitchen appliance - Samsung's new fridge will ping your phone if you leave the door open Internet of why tf doesn't it just close the door itself if it's so smart

funny incidents happened just by chance - My sister just got married, she asked me to save her a newspaper from her wedding day Lower San Jose Mercury News Tragic Mistake

map of middle earth frodo's journey - A way of understanding how far Sam and Frodo had to go. Forodwaith Rid st Iron Hele Uin Forlindor Mirkwood Se of Minhirath CARDotar En Edwaith Frode & Sam falo Middle Earth Y Gorgorat Mordor South Near Harad

port wine stain - sarah schauer Log first date Guy you don't need makeup to be beautiful Waitress wow. thanks Guy, to me you on the other hand Me, nodding i know

pakistan memes - "Overdraft Protection" Account Balance 0.75$ The Bank adultswim.com You're Welcome Account Balance 35.75$ adultswim.com

diagram - divascreech I just wanna s some d pre verysmalldeer How Many Dogs Are You Looking To Sell

memes about adulthood - David In my hungover state I went food shopping. Reached for a pack of sausages & someone reached at the same time so I stepped back & said "sorry you go ahead". I then realised I'd actually seen my own arm in a mirror & had apolog

lock your car sign - Prevent Theft Lock Your Car Lp Your Keys 9 Take Your Keys Your Belongings Hide Fill A Decoy Purse With Thousands Of Angry, Poisonous Bees It takes

hafthor bjornsson and kelsey henson - The tent The tent bag

coffee ice cubes and baileys - Holiday Drink... Freeze coffee as ice cubes and toss in a cup of Baileys and Vanilla Vodka

100 brain meme - What If We Used 100% Of The Brain? uition and man Brain fur

hamster pocket square - I post this old Christmas photo because I just noticed my pocket square is my sister's hamster. moglo

arthur fleck stand up - In Joker 2019 nobody laughs at Arthur's jokes. This is because he never says "Bazinga" so the audience didn't know when to laugh

man dies of drinking carrot juice - Englishman dies from drinking 10 gallons of carrot juice feeble feebler feeble Today at So the limit is 9

fall looks like on the internet - What Fall looks on the internet. What Fall looks from my window.

dmv employee dressed up as a sloth - A Dmv employee dressed up as a sloth e A

missing piece meets the big - Meme Harlow What unspeakable horror made this sign necessary?

photo caption - tz Lolgop retweeted biggie structural smalls ... 10 v remember when there used to be all these articles about how people in europe live longer than americans because they drink red wine and eat more olive oil or bullshit that? turns out it

How googly eyes solved one of today's trickiest Ux problems A little robot at a library in Helsinki went from reviled to beloved, all because it got a new pair of plastic eyes. Veera Photo courtesy Futurice

khafre enthroned - When you dedicated your whole life to building the pyramids then you see aliens getting the credit

vehicle door - Miguel Rodriguez 46 mins as Dang it's a Bed Bug

chaotic energy - ClaudeHaveMercy! Ginger ale needs it's own holiday. It's a stand alone beverage, works with most alcohols, medicine for any illness, a life coach, a friend, a spiritual advisor.

ah fuck its finally happening - Jim Carrey Carrey Just so we're clear, The Grinch never really hated Christmas. He hated people, which is fair.

sign - Same. Whats the first thing you would do if you were invisible for a day? I would probably fly to paris, find a street performing mime, and beat him to death... the applause he would get would be astounding

adam driver looks like someone tried to draw keanu - Litics Adam Driver F Looks Someone Tried To Draw Keanu Reeves From Memory Ro

head - keely fIAHHHHHHHerty you can tell everything you need to know about a person by whether they think "Gg" stands for "gilmore girls" or "gossip girl" Me who thinks it stands for Good Game made with mematic

ghost follower meme - When your manager is getting beaten up by a customer but she declined your holiday request

happy cheetah noises - Cheetahs Are So Shy That Zoos Give Them Their Own Emotional "Support Dogs" Happy Cheetah Noises

c++ vs java meme - Schools Mitochondria is the power house of the cell! Teach me How to get a Job! rouge The speed of light is 3x10^8 Teach me how to pay taxes! Lava is called magma when underground!

dog phone meme - I'm calling from the college admissions dept You've been accepted! Tuition is $34,740 per year




document - Olivia Reed High school teachers your college professors won't be nearly as laid back as I am My college professor @ 54% Instagram Done Message Details Trail Mix Attack Ha 45 others to me Oct 5 at Dear Students, While grading your notebooks and

watchmen rorschach drawing face - Raptors Dude Rorschach is my favourite superhero i just wish his mask didnt have a picture of my parents fighting on it

display device - The Rockstar Games Launcher exited unexpect Please visit information. for more Hjlp

god made animals meme - Vkrm; fast; fedh ;Pasa Interviewer How do you explain this 4 year gap on your resume? Me That's when I went to Yale. Interviewer That's impressive. You are hired. Me Thanks. I really need this Yob.

jerry jones jason garrett - Enough. Send in whiskers.

cowabunga meme - Burglar Breaks in my house Me Naked, buzzed on Busch Lights, holding a deer antler and my hunting knife. Cowabunga It Is

kit - Young inventors create device that converts noise to electricity 5Light Kids on Xbox Live

lil wayne freemason - It'S Aso Hi, it's Abject Terror. Yep. Teos Exorcist I'm here to remove the demon that has possessed you Me I didn't call you Demon I did

mass graves ww2 - Huskies ready for harvest at the beach

weight training

joker putting on makeup meme - Bethesda Supporters "Fallout 76 isn't that bad. You just need to play around the bugs. No one's forcing you to buy things ingame. Bethesda "We're now going to charge you $100 a year to play our brokendisaster of a game." Bet

rainbow taco ice cream

borderline personality disorder memes - Best Part Of The Song About To Kick In Gps Starts Giving Directions


funny meme - They always say ok boomer They never ask are u ok boomer"

restaurant gets my order wrong - When the restaurant gets my order wrong My girl Apthat

find us on facebook button - kaspersky Your Child Searched Restricted Topics Sunday, Nov 03, time in the child's device time zone Strairdrac The Netherwatcher searched for Teaching crabs how to read" which is considered forbidden knowledge under your curr

right back at ya buckaroo - Introverts When Someone Messes Up their Order at A restaurant Incorrect but thank u

Honey, will you still love me all the same when I get fat and ugly? What... you're gonna get even worse? Pnr Id No. Date Pigas

woman yelling at cat meme - Where Did The Cat Go? I'm too tired of this meme ok!

funny homework excuses - Cute Girl Cutting My Hair Asks What I Do "Tma Software Developer, What About You?"

smuggling memes - Student arrested after trying to smuggle 20 Gb of memes into Sweden Claimed that they were only for "personal use" Pols Polis

writing - Tradition n. Peer pressure from dead people.

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