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Shock.. Most Android applications do not protect your phone from viruses

Shock.. Most Android applications do not protect your phone from viruses

Most antivirus programs do not have any effectiveness

Applications and anti-virus software for Android devices and smartphones are spreading amid growing concerns over privacy and data theft problems caused by malicious software.

Android devices allow access to applications without passwords
In this regard, the site of extremech.com technology specialist published a report in which he explained that the vast majority of programs and applications of protection and anti-virus for phones and devices running Android "does not provide any protection or assistance against viruses at all.

According to the independent Austrian company AV-Comparatives, which specializes in the testing and evaluation of anti-virus software, more than 250 applications and a popular program to protect devices running the Android operating system is not very effective and has nothing to do with real protection programs and applications.

The Austrian company's specialists have introduced Android devices and phones that contain software and applications that are purported to be dedicated to virus protection for more than 2000 different types of viruses. The experiment shows that only 23 programs and protection applications have succeeded from a total of 250 successful programs In dealing with viruses 100%.

Protection applications
Protection applications

The AVG, ESET and Kaspersky applications and software for Android and Android devices have achieved near-peak success, while Google's Play Protect application has only achieved a success rate of 68.8% 80 of the 250 applications have a success rate of only 30% in dealing with 200 types of malicious viral files.

Experts at AV-Comparatives recommended that antivirus applications and programs with the best-known brand names be downloaded and that no known random applications be used to keep phones and smart devices from malicious files and viruses.


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