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See.. Bizarre reason why parents are throwing slices of cheese at their babies something unexpected

The modern social media craze to take over Twitter is the Cheese Challenge and it is as bizarre as you'll assume it to be

People are throwing cheese at infants as a part of a brand new Twitter craze

When it involves social media, it appears now not an afternoon is going with the aid of that there isn't always a peculiar undertaking setting out.

From the Harlem Shake to the In My Feelings Challenge human beings love filming themselves doing weird stunts, however the trendy fashion appears to be lots extra tame.

The #CheeseChallenge is the brand new craze and oddly it entails adults and older youngsters throwing slices of cheese at toddlers' faces.

Yep, you probably did simply study that successfully. Parents are throwing cheese at their youngsters.

They use slices of cheese, just like the ones generally used on burgers

It all started out on Thursday, whilst a Twitter person named @unclehxlmes shared a video at the platform, writing: "Just cheesed my lil brother."

In the video, a person might be visible throwing a slice of cheese onto a toddler's brow.

The publish fast went viral, with extra than 8 million humans looking the clip.

After receiving this type of sturdy response to the video, the consumer admitted that it wasn't honestly his - he'd absolutely determined it on Facebook and shared it as a comic story

But it became too past due, he'd began some thing.

People throughout Twitter commenced filming themselves flinging cheese at kid's faces, with one mum even going as some distance as to throw a whole cheese burger at her younger son.

Some infants notion being hit with a slice of cheese turned into humorous, others failed to appear to realize what become occurring, even as some started out crying afterwards.

And even folks who do not have toddlers have become worried, throwing cheese at their pets alternatively.

While masses are leaping on board the trend, no longer everybody is inspired via the viral task.

One man or woman stated: "It's so incorrect in such a lot of methods!"

Another commented that it became "infant abuse".

A 0.33 introduced: "F***ing idiots throwing cheese slices at infants faces, wow you are so cool and humorous, what you virtually are is a chunk of s***."


A exceptional person filmed themselves really handing their toddler a slice of cheese to consume, with many agreeing it changed into a far nicer model of the project. 


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