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Information about an animal Capybara or Water pig is the biggest rodent in the world Can you have a Capybara as a Pet

Capybara is the biggest rodent in the world

Capybara is the biggest rodent in the world
Information about an animal Capybara

Capibara is the largest rodent in the world, the closest relatives are Guinea pigs, native to South America, and Kabibara inhabits savannah and dense forests and lives near water bodies, is a very social animal and can be found in as large as 100 individuals, 20 individuals

Capibara is not a threatened species as it is a hunt for its meat, and also fatty grease, a thick skin that is used in the pharmaceutical trade, Capibara belong to the Hydrochoerinae platoon, it can have an average age of 8-10 years, but live less than four years in the wild

Capibara is a heavy body and short head, with reddish brown fur on the top of its body that turns yellow to brown under it, sweat glands that can be found in the surface of parts of its skin hair, an unusual feature among rodents.

Information about an animal Capybara
Information about an animal Capybara

Water pig or Capybara), an animal living in South and Central America near rivers and lakes, is one of the largest rodents in the world and can weigh up to 50 kg.

The adult capibara grows to 107-134 cm (3.51-4,40 ft) in length, standing 50-64 cm in length and usually weighs 35-66 kg (77-146 lb), and recorded the highest weights 91 kg (201 lb) ) Of the wild female of Brazil and 73.5 kg (162 lb) for wild males from Uruguay, females slightly heavier than males

He can swim quickly using the front foot of the swimming pool and running away from his enemies in the water.

Capibara are herbivores that graze primarily on grasses and aquatic plants, as well as fruits and foliage, are highly selective nutrients, feed on leaves of one species and ignore other species around it

Capibara eat the largest variety of plants during the dry season, as are the least available plants, while they eat grass during the rainy season, they have to switch to the most abundant cane during the dry season


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