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An imminent nuclear war between Russia and America .. The word Europe

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An imminent nuclear war is raging between Russia and America, with the United States taking a new policy of increasing its influence in Europe and deploying weapons to counter Russian hostility and threatening Russian President Vladimir Putin to strike America if it insists on deploying missiles in Europe. Withdrawal from the Treaty on the deployment of nuclear weapons, amidst these tensions every country seeks to develop its nuclear weapons to be on standby after the outbreak of the Third World War.

A threat
Putin said his country would respond to any deployment of medium-range nuclear weapons in Europe not only by targeting the countries where the missiles are deployed, but by targeting the United States itself, adding that US policy makers must calculate the risks before any step.

Start tension
The start of nuclear tension has begun since US President Donald Trump announced a withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Moscow will then decide to withdraw as well, asserting that it will give itself two years to develop new ground missiles.

nuclear weapons
Two days ago, newspapers announced that Washington was producing nuclear warheads from the third generation of nuclear weapons, describing it as the world's most powerful nuclear weapon of small size and its ability to destroy and kill 50,000 people in the place to be called, and warned Russia of those weapons calling for the need to stop them.

On the other hand, Moscow is also seeking to develop weapons, Putin said last month, that his country has tested on a range of nuclear weapons can not be intercepted, adding that a new ballistic missile developed intercontinental, difficult to detect from anti-missile systems, and can reach almost To anywhere in the world, capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that the US military is testing intensive ice training to prepare for a possible war with Russia, pointing out that it changed the training strategy of the deserts of snow and high mountains, adding, quoting a number of its leaders, that hundreds of soldiers are equipped for war In northern Europe, Russia, North Korea and China with increasing threats.

New political
The United States has openly revealed the possibility of nuclear war, after the announcement of its Foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo, a new policy in the coming period based on the return of the presence of US Central Europe, calling for them to stop the import of Russian oil, and face, at a time when Moscow accuses Washington , That it broke the NPT and is ready for war at any time.


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