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A father turns his infant son into a man and the result is funny

A father turns his infant son into a man and the result is funny

A father decided to take pictures of his son while he was doing the work of men, and the result aroused interest in the sites.

His father Ryan was born 9 weeks early and weighed less than 1.3 kg, and spent more than 6 weeks in the nursery. When his daughter was born more than two years ago, he took pictures of her doing sports and wanted to do the same with his son.

So he began to take pictures of his son after returning home, adding that each image took about 15 to 20 minutes. He initially installs the scene from lighting to decoration, then installs the camera and his wife helps him hold Rayan so he can put his hands and legs in certain locations and then come the stage of editing the image and installation of images.

Once a series of fun pictures was posted online, people were impressed and found funny.

Ryan is now a 6-month-old and has finally reached the ideal weight.


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